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Wil je je bedrijf een eigen stijl geven, wil je een unieke website of wil je gewoon starten met een eigen logo voor je zaak. Neem eens een kijkje op de website van Meetchum, een vernieuwend bedrijf dat al jou grafisch en media werk zal tot leven roepen.

Uw Vakman

Uw Vakman, alle informatie over bouwen en verbouwen Uw Vakman is dé site waar alle gespecialiseerde vakmannen samen opgelijst staan. Bovendien staat er heel wat informatie over bouwen en verbouwen op uitgelegd. Een pure bron van informatie.

Uw Wereldjob

Uw Wereldjob Altijd al gedroomd van een top job in het buitenland. Kijk dan snel op Dé site met enorm veel informatie en een bijzonder groot aanbod van top-vacatures van over de hele wereld.

Uw Advertentie hier?

Vragen over My Friends? Uw advertentie in deze balk van My-Friends? Contacteer ons via met je idee, voorstel en we bezorgen jou de mogelijkheden. Onze website trekt dagelijks 100-en bezoekers op zoek naar informatie over sociale media.

About Gangas

Gangas is officialy launched. was brought into live by Condromedia ( which is not the first achievement issued by the latter. In the opinion of Condromedia there is some opportunity for excellence with regards to the online auction market. Especially to place counter balance to the actual forced monopoly position on the current market that holds out for many years up to date, namely Ebay.

To achieve this goal Condromedia established Gangas is Spanish for Bargains (Free translation, Gangas means you have achieved a good deal). In our opinion radiates a strong international character smooth and easy to pronounce and will speak for itself over time.

The main goal of consists to be an international online auction player on this particular market. Currently our platform is running for the Dutch and English speaking customers, which already covers a broad area. Behind the scenes our development department of Condromedia is migrating plural platforms to grant a request to the Spanish/French and German speaking customers.

The main character of consists of an online auction character as opposed to online second hand markets. The main differences reflect themselves in the true nature of both auction platforms. By issuing an online auction at the seller commits himself towards the buyer to deliver the article after the auction expired and if al pre described conditions were meth before and after the auctions expiration. For more details concerning applied conditions by please visit our website ( gives you the opportunity to post auctions completely free. New articles as well as second hand articles are allowed to be placed at You can determine your auction expiration date in front and very specific up to date and time. To secure possible losses on behalf of the seller, the latter is able to put a reserved price before launching the auction. This way the seller will not be committed to deliver the auctioned article in case the reserved price was not meth at the end of the auction. To give buyers the opportunity to close an auction before the expiration time, they can use the “buy-out” option, if the seller allowed this option before launching the auction. When these conditions are meth the seller is committed to supply the auctioned article conform the pre described conditions. aswell hand outs the possibility to place services. In this case there exists no kind of responsibility between the seller and buyer. Services do not have a trading character at

No fees will be charged for basic transactions, such as placing an article and selling the article, also shops are welcome for free!

Condromedia is aware of the young nature of this project. Nevertheless we are in the opinion that both Sellers and Buyers are in favour of helping us to gain members and action on the site. is completely FREE, no placement fee, no selling fee, free webshops for everyone.

Come and joy us still within today!


Yours sincerely,

Condromedia Team

Zoek je eigen taal!

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